A ribbon-cutting and celebration was held January 11 at 1859-61 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ to commemorate the dedication of the building, newly christened “The Maplewood Health and Wellness Building.” Building owner Harold Bobrow chose the new name to celebrate his tenants, all of whom operate businesses related to health and wellness: The HLS Juice Bar & Grill, Shakti Yoga & Living Arts, The Gym on Springfield, the Lee Gar Lun Ving Tsun martial arts school, and Liberty Medical Services. The celebration was attended by Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca and Vice Mayor Kathy Leventhal, along with Springfield Avenue Partnership District Manager, Julie Doran

Bobrow described Maplewood as “a community that is always concerned with the health and wellness of our residents.” He was glad to have support of the governing bodies of Maplewood in his effort to promote the value of wellness endeavors.

"This is emblematic of the organic growth of Health and Wellness businesses on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood,” said Doran. “We have seen a large increase in the number of everything from fitness centers and exercise studios to medical practices and healthy eating options. We are excited to see this recognized and celebrated by Mr. Bobrow."

The SAP is a non-profit corporation that promotes and supports local business in Maplewood’s Springfield Avenue business district.


Maplewood Health and Wellness Buidling